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Our Story


In the wake of success achieved by the Naidu Family’s Ground Breaking Startup Businesses from Restaurant to Engineering:


Telcorp was specifically launched as a BEE Exclusive Telecommunications Company, offering Corporate, SMME Markets from KZN to national roll out of a variety of Teleco Products, Services and Offerings.


Launched in December 1993 as a ‘Retail Telecoms Business’, positioned Telcorp in a favorable position to take trophies as the Winner of the best ‘Mobile Phone Store’ showroom awards’, Prestigious ‘Top Gun’ Competition awards and the ‘The Toys for Boys’ annual award in ‘Best Stand Category.’


As a leading role player in the GSM field, and part of an ISP driven sales force, Telcorp contributed greatly to the country’s GDP and ultimately placing South Africa on the International scene, and in the ‘Guinness Book Of Records’ as the first country to be the fastest GSM roll out in the world.


The Family’s rich heritage of business in Durban gave Telcorp an ‘unfair advantage’ over its competitors in that it led to the sign up of SMME’s, Major corporations and and Government Contracts.


Within this backdrop, Telcorp is currently enjoying continued support nationally and is rapidly expanding its Mobile Data Offerings, as a Internet Service Provider.


We are extremely proud of the fact that new business is generated through the family’s strong base of business relationships and our energized sales teams. Through over 100 accumulative years of business experience and innovative marketing style, Telcorp Internet Service Provider continues to grow. In addition, there is a new found synergy in the industry that is also proving to be extremely beneficial.


The partnership with World Leading Technology and Distribution Vendors is to provide world class standards and solutions. In particular these companies are pivotal, and instrumental with Technical Support and Customer Service.


Although many such opportunities prevail, we are careful to align with those adding value and status and supportive of the image we so carefully nurture.

FTTH rollout
Fibre Rollout


Telcorp has had the opportunity of working very closely with Contractors for the roll out of The GPON Project in malls in Gauteng and  FTTH


Roll Out Project in KZN:
Managing Teams to ensure connectivity as per client’s requirements in terms of Time Lines.


The Highest Quality of Service, Deployment & Execution of
Service Delivery on all OH and UG installations by contractors on civil, optical fibre build programs in accordance with Client Specifications.


In this regard Telcorp has been strategically positioned to
provide detailed audit reports to GPON and FTTH Contractors, Identify non conformities whilst monitoring and reviewing the implementation of corrective measures.


Audits includes all aspects of monitoring the Project from ‘As Build Documentation’, Topo, Schematics to actual build including: Manholes, Vaults, Joints, Checking Fibre cables, duct hauling, cable floating, Trenching, blowing / Floating of Fibre through Microducts / Audit of joints inside manholes / Buddy Boxes, Slim Boxes, Fists, FOSC.


Planning and design, preparation of fibre, opening trenches, laying ducts, floating and splicing Fibre.


General Technical scope: Project Management (execution of Civil Works by Sub-contractors):
Installation of a micro duct along various streets and roads in urban and semi-urban areas, excavation of trenches and holes to install ducts manholes and cabling. Ensure relevant staff on site meet with Health & Safety Requirements, Civil Engineering knowledge & experience. Project Management Support for Procurement of Civil Works to sub-contractors: Telcorp had to ensure the following experienced staff were equipped on site with: Plan OSP Network, Duct  installation, Fibre Floating and splicing.


Telcorp is the Business Partner to all Major networks and has secured FTTH in Estates on the KZN Noast Coast.


Technical Expertise:




Dep of Education – Utekela Region:  Roll out of telecommunication infrastructure. Reticulation Cabling, Wiring. Provisioning of new PBX system, Telephone Management Systems, to dedicated PC in IT Rooms.


Installation of LCR Equipment for Vodacom, MTN and Cell C.


Civil Works: Project Managed the execution of cabling to the main building. Project Managed GSM Networks Pico Cell & External Antennas.


Office of The Premier PMB – ISP / OSP, work: Roll out of telecommunication infrastructure. Reticulation cabling and wiring. Provisioning of new TMS to dedicated PC in IT room. Installation of LCR equipment for GSM Networks,


EBU Opportunity (2019)

For a once in a life time opportunity” throughout SA, to Own, Set-up, & Grow your own business nationally with fully managed support.

Enterprise Business Unit (EBU) is entirely self started and maintained by the owner’s 100% capex initiative. The highest returns on investment  from South Africa’s fastest growing technology giant, including network’s monthly CIB’s and on-going recurring income on all EBU products & services. For an interview appointment in Durban, call Merven on (082) 653 9273.

Telcorp ISP
Internet Service Provider

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24/7 Support

Telcorp has been Telecoms ISP over the years and continues to lead with Integrity and smart services.

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Once you receive our Data Sim Cards, activation will take place within 24hrs. Email – SMS – Call – Whatsapp – and one of our consultants will attend to your queries.

We’re giving back to the Community

Telcorp over the last 25 years has been incubating young entrepreneurs, and small businesses. From Business Plans and Cash Flow Projects to assisting Start-Up from birth, with Vision, Mission Statements and Business Core Values. We like to partner with individuals who are as passionate about customers as we are. We are truly Customer based which means that we are passionate about exceeding customer expectations; work relentlessly to really understand the customer; look at decisions through the customer’s eyes and take personal accountability for the customer experience. In this regard we are offering a once in a life time opportunity to the right candidate. 

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We’ve been connecting SIM Cards since 1993..

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