Due to Covid 19 Lockdown most people are working from home. A Internet Service Provider is on the look out for Resellers / Call Centres (min 10 seats) to market our Wholesale MTN 4G LTE Data SIMS direct to public:
The Reseller / Call Centre has a huge potential including CIB and ongoing revenue. ‘The Commercial Agreement’ (which we will sent directly to the Call Centre Owner / Manager, upon signing an NDA).
This can be achieved through existing client base and new clients nationally. The Call Centre must be innovative and creative with regard to marketing and advertising and has to generate own sale leads.
This process outcome can be as a result of intentional implementation of data contact or through existing relationships with Call centre Owners, Managing Directors or Campaign Managers.
Should you be interested in becoming a reseller: Please email merven@telcorp.co.za or deon@telcorp.co.za.