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Be your own Boss

Young Entrepreneurs, who are themselves sponsors or who are sponsored, can now have ‘an amazing out of this world opportunity’ to start their own business from the privacy of their own home. As an EBU Business Partner of Telcorp Internet Service Provider, you can apply and become an authorised Vodacom Agent and have access to all of Vodacom’s Business Products and Services under Mobility and Fixed: https://www.telcorp.co.za/EBU



Determine your own salary
Become your own boss and decide what you earn monthly


Your first step forward is to request an Non Disclosure Agreement Document: nda@telcorp.co.za. Together with your signed NDA, we will require RICA documents (Proof of ID, and Proof of address) for Vodacom CRM access. This info will go directly to Vodacom upon successful submission of your application.








Financial Security
We’re an authorised FSP and Merchant of Altech Nupay (www.nupay.co.za)


Also, due to security and the fact that we prefer not to handle your transaction directly; we’re a National Internet Service Provider and Authorised Merchant of Altech Nupay Financial Services Provider (www.nupay.co.za). Our EDO PSSF Membership number is B10916. In order for your License Agreement* to be approved, they will need to process your License Payment Mandate. At any point that you may need clarity during your application process, our staff we will be more the willing to assist. Please note however, that unless you submit to nda@telcorp.co.za the completed and signed documemtation, our staff will be restricted to assist. In this regard, together with the above RICA docs, we will require the latest 3 months of bank statements. If you’re calling on behalf of your sponsor, then it will be the sponsor’s banking details that will be requested.

Vodacom CRMs
You will be working with several CRM systems


Once the mandate is processed, the application can can take  up to 2 weeks to process your CRM Accesses. Upon successful application, your CRMs will be accessed with a OTP via SMS. As an authorised Telcorp ISP franchisee and authorised Vodacom Agent, you will now be in a position to market and sell all Vodacom EBU Products and Services as advertised on TV and in the media.




As a business owner without ICT / Telecoms Experience, but with a valid Telcorp ISP / ICT Trading license *(as per NDA, you can choose from 50/50 to a 90/10 models),

Telcorp ISP in partnership Vodacom Training

It will be required of you and or your management staff to attend The Vodacom training available nationwide, in order to be a certified on one of several of Vodacom CRM systems. Usually your nominated trainer attends this training and also provides support to your new staff. Even though you may not have the experience but own the franchise; your head hunt for new staff should include staff with the above mentioned requirements, as they will be the direct channel to the end-user.


​​​​We like to partner with individuals who are as passionate about customers as we are. We are truly Customer based which means that we are passionate about exceeding customer expectations; work relentlessly to really understand the customer; look at decisions through the customer’s eyes and take personal accountability for the customer experience. In this regard we are offering a once in a life time opportunity to the right candidate.

Client ServicesThey must be able to be passionate about sales and have knowledge and experience for example in GSM Mobility, BBC, LTE, Microwave, Fibre and a host of ICT / Telecoms Products and Services as mentioned on our website. Ultimately they will serve as a support to your staff.

CIB (Commission Incentive Bonus):

Once your client is billing on the Network, you can receive once-off CIB and airtime. CIB can range from R100 – R10000 per EBU product and depending on the product you market and the model you acquire.

Annuity Income (Airtime):

Should you motivate / sign up a Closed Community or a Gated Estate (with 1000 houses) and you manage to motivate each home owner inside the estate to move away from their old conventional copper telecomm network to their new ultra fast stable fibre optic network* and should their activated average monthly billing is R1mil per month; then you stand a chance to receive a monthly income of R90 000 per month (based on *% airtime and the model you request) and as long as the client is billing with the network and you’re providing ongoing service and support). (*10Mbps Vodacom Uncapped Fibre Internet @ R899 per month. Provisioning of Fibre includes: Free porting of existing phone numbers, Free Installation, Free Activation, 6 months of 100GB p/m usage of Anytime LTE Mobile Data of which 3 months are FREE during installation)

Telcorp EBU Agreements

We also in relationship with CBU Business Partners that are selling their Stores. These stores can range from R500 000 to R35 million; and have huge long term return on investments. For more information on the list of available stores for sale; country wide, please email CBU@telcorp.co.za





Reserve your Presentation Seat by booking. Email vodacom@telcorp.co.za and get peace of mind that all your questions and concerns are addressed. We have presentations once a month in Durban. Once-off Presentation costs is R495 per seat.

If you would like to attend a 2 hour presentation workshop on the last Friday of every month from 10.30am to 12.30am in Durban; please request to register for a presentation. Our presentation cost is R495 per person and includes refreshments. For bookings on a presentation please call Merven on (082) 653 9273 or email vodacom@telcorp.co.za.




* Percentage Income as per NDA Document.




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